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OrientaBonito Alicante, Spain 8th-14th of February 2009


Saturday 7th of February
Information about the camp at the restaurant Marjal Sport at 21 00h

Sunday 8th of February
1 T. 10 00h Competition at Yecla. 1h 15 minutes by car
2 T. 16 30h. JWOC final men 4,6km (from 2002)
20 00h Information, analysis and Orienteering technique. Mats Troeng , The Swedish National Team

Monday 9th of February
1. 10 00h technical training (tennis-o) Total 6,9km. NEW 2009
2. 16 00h Technical training orientabonito, without compass. 3.7km NEW 2009

3. Night training 19 00h 4,1km. NEW 2009
21 00h Analysis and Orienteering technique. Mats Troeng The Swedish National Team

Tuesday 10th of February
1. 10 00h Sprint Monte Tossal, Alicante. 3,2km. NEW 2009
Sightseeing, lunch in Alicante. Dechatlon is a very big sport store in Alicante
well worth a visit.
2. 16 00h Route choice at Peñarubia. (40 min by car from Alicante) NEW 2009
3 courses: 11,3km 7,2km 5,3km
Best result of the sprint: Jamie
Stevensson, 19.30 min
20 30h Analysis and Orienteering technique. Mats Troeng The Swedish National Team

Wednesday 11th of February
1. 10 00h, / Mixed Relay 5km. 3 runners in each team. NEW 2009
Between the two sessions: Optional trainings on offer
2. 17 30-19 30h 3,7km you can run either at day or at night. Guardamar Norte
21 00h Analysis and Orienteering technique. Mats Troeng The Swedish National Team

Thursday 12th of February
1. 10 00h “ The Cutillas race” 1,3km Guardamar sur. Optional: a trip to the
Island Tabarca. To be decided on Sunday the 8th.
Between the two sessions: Optional NEW 2009
trainings on offer
2. 16 00 The Camp Champs. A One man relay with a handicap system taking
in consideration sex and age. First runner to cross the finish line is the winner.
4km. NEW 2009
19 30h Proposal: Common Asian Wook Dinner in Guardamar, 5 min by car.
Cost: about 10 euros. Absolutely worth a visit.
Tabarca Island from 11 00 - 14 00h: Course 4km with Sportident on the island. Boat cost 12 euro

Friday 13th of February
1 10 00h Simplification on a prepared map.5km La Marina norte. Optional:
Sprint in forest 2,3km El Pinet
16 00h Sprint competition (40 min by car) or Model Event
12 00h Prizes and final breefing of orientabonito 2009

Saturday 14th of February
International competition WRE middle distance. First start 09 00h
19 00h Prize giving ceremony for the WRE category only. Very important to take part in the price giving ceremony if you win a prize. On Sunday the 15th the international competition continues with long distance.

General information

The goal is to learn more orienteering from demanding challenges in beautiful nature scenery, in the best
terrains, maps and courses, together with people from other clubs and countries.

An orientabonito experience!

The program may be due to minor changes

You are encouraged to bring a GPS watch, since all trainings will be analyzed with GPS‐software

A laptop is also a good idea to bring in order to better analyze your trainings. “Install the QuickRoute software (download
from on your laptop in advance”.

The programme Winsplits Pro will be used at all trainings

All trainings with Sportident except Tennis‐O

As a documentation of the week you will receive all the maps and GPS analyzes, as well as all results

Results will be published on the web www.o‐ on a daily basis

Bring head lamps, the area is fantastic for night training, we have 3 courses permanently put out with night controls

The approximate distance of orienteering during the camp: 57km

Staff and support
Mats Troeng, Sweden. Head coach
Csaba Gösswein, Hungary
Leif Rydberg, Sweden
Vicente Cases, Spain
Lina Bäckström, Sweden.
Per Sterner, Sweden

+34 669 84 99 92
+46 70 603 10 75

Mats Troeng, The Swedish National Team

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